JUSTIN Erasmus+ Restorative Meeting in Serious Crime Cases: report from the international conference in Bratislava, where the Manual for Restorative Meeting in Serious Crime Cases was also presented

On 4 December 2023, an international conference of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic on “Restorative Encounters in Serious Crime Cases” was held at Comenius University in Bratislava. This event was part of the JUSTIN Erasmus+ project, which is a joint project of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic and the Institute for Restorative Justice.

The conference brought together experts, academics and practitioners from the legal and social spheres to discuss innovative approaches to dealing with serious crime through restorative encounters.

One of the key elements of the conference was the presentations by experts, including our Program Director Tereza Rehakova, who presented theory, legislation and practical experience in implementing restorative encounters. The successes and challenges of this approach were discussed, as well as how it can be effectively integrated into the existing legal framework in both countries.

After viewing the Finnish documentary Eye to Eye, models of restorative encounters in specific cases of serious crime were presented and optimal strategies for engaging all stakeholders, including victims, offenders and communities, were discussed.

Emphasis was placed on the JUSTIN Erasmus+ project, which serves as a platform for know-how exchange and cooperation between the Czech and Slovak Republics, with the support of Belgian and Finnish partners, in the field of restorative justice in serious crime cases. The participants of the conference had the opportunity to learn about specific activities that have been implemented within this project. The newly created Manual for Restorative Encounters in Cases of Serious Crime, which was created by the Institute for Restorative Justice and the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, was presented and is the only publicly available methodology in this field in the Czech Republic.

The international conference in Bratislava provided a platform for an open and constructive discussion on restorative encounters in the context of serious crime. Participants left the event with new insights, inspiration and ready for further collaboration to promote restorative approaches within the justice system.

A big thank you to our Slovak partners for their cooperation throughout the project and for a well organised conference promoting restorative encounters in serious crime cases.

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